Hartswood farming specialises in the following:-

  • Stubble to stubble contracts
  • Spraying with a Househam 4000ltr self propelled sprayer with 24 metre booms with GPS guidance. Either spraying or liquid fertiliser applications with high output pump. Also available with support bowser when needed.
  • All drivers are fully trained and are NROSO registered.
  • Hartswood farming is always seeking arable and grassland to rent on long or short term agreements.
    Call us to discuss:
    01283 840 246
  • Fertiliser application, either 12 or 24 metre with variable rate spread and auto calibration to give precise applications.
  • 2 x Simba Solos 3.8 metre with following DD press to leave a level firm weather-proof seedbed.
  • Subsoiling with 5 leg subsoiler
  • Drilling with 6 metre Vaderstad drill
  • Vaderstad 6.5 metre Carrier System disc
  • Power harrowing with 3 or 4 metre machine
  • Ploughing with 5 furrow Kneveland plough
  • Rolling with 8.3 metre Cambridge rollers
  • Rolling with 6 metre flat folding rollers
  • Spearhead 4.6 metre heavy duty topper for grass or set-aside
  • Combining with Claas Lexion 760 terra trac rotary combine with 30 ft Vario header and detailed yield mapping. This combine does not smash the straw like other makes and leaves a good baling swath. And with the vario header when cutting rape reduces grain losses considerably compared to other combines.
  • Baling with a high density Claas Quadrant 3200 baler. Wrapping available.
  • Mole ploughing
  • 2 x centre pivot JCB telescopics with various attachments
  • Claas self propelled forage harvester for grass or maize.
  • Mowing with front and rear John Deere mowers
  • Grass tedding.
  • Grass rowing up with twin rotor machine
  • 18 ton Larrington Grain or silage trailers all on large floatation tyres making them excellent in wet conditions, reducing compaction and rutting compared to trailers on super single wheels.
  • Tractor and loader with various attachments
  • Tractors from 160 to 380hp available with drivers
  • 3500 gallon slurry tanker, with flotation tyres and 6 metre trailing shoe, includes 8 inch self loading arm for speed fill
  • 15 ton Bunnings rear discharge spreader with slurry door
  • Hedge cutting with McConnell pa65 high reach machine with 1.5 metre head
  • Mobile cattle race with head yolk and weigh platform. All access.
  • Tree felling and forestry operations carried out.
  • We also mend most B.S.P hydraulic hoses.
  • Welding and fabrication work undertaken
  • All staff are trained and experienced operators.

Grassland subsoiling with Sumo GLS subsoiler